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"How can you live in a place where you are not wanted? How can you live in a place that is hostile towards you? No amount of money will compensate for your children having to suffer."   Juliet Ryan

The Bla-xit Movement was born of the need for blacks (Africans) in the diaspora to return to their homeland where they can experience equal rights and justice under the law. At an early age, Juliet experienced racism in middle school being one of the black students in an all-white school. Then the education system as a whole when she experiences discrimination from university administrators. However, it would not stop there.


She would realize that the very fabric of global society was interlaced with racism and oppressed black people worldwide. As a result now more then ever there is a need for Africans in the diaspora to return to the homeland to build and create the opportunities for our future generations. She along with the other founders of the  Bla-Xit movement looks to educate diasporans on the false narrative that has been portrayed in western media. 

The Gambian
Constitutional Review Committee
Re: Citizenship for Diasporans
Bla-Xit is asking  for
Automatic Citizenship for all Diasporans

Join us in The Gambia Dec. 16th 2019 Time: 10:00 a.m. Venue KM (Kanifi)

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Wode Maya a major pioneer in changing the narrative of Africa movement, with over 280 k subscribers and 10's of millions of views he has created a global reputation for diverse and original content. Wode Maya was the catalyst for the creation of the Bla-Xit Your tube channel. His protégé Mrs. Ryan is rapidly establishing herself as one of the YouTubes foremost leader in the repatriation back to Africa movement. In just a few months she has gain thousand of subscribers. None of this would be possible without your donation. We would like to give you a heartfelt thank you for your support. Thanks 

Interview with Wode Maya 1.5 million views

Living it up in paradise! The Gambia Africa 45k views

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