The Gambian
Constitutional Review Committee
Re: Citizenship for Diasporans
Bla-Xit is asking  for
Automatic Citizenship for all Diasporans
Press Release For Immediate
Release Date: 27th November 2019
CRC Calls for Submission of Comments on the Draft Constitution The Constitutional Review Commission (CRC) wishes to inform the public that those who wish to make comments and submissions on the recently published Draft Constitution can do so by submitting written comments to our Secretariat at the Futurelec Building, Kotu or send them through email: or
Alternatively, members of the public can also send their comments to our Facebook (Constitutional Review Commission, The Gambia) and Twitter (@CRCGambia. The deadline for submission of contributions is on the 15th of December, 2019. In a similar development, the Commission will begin a nationwide tour in Banjul on Saturday, 30th November 2019. The two-week-long exercise is aimed at presenting the draft Constitution to the Gambian people and soliciting their comments and contributions to the Constitutional provisions. Issued by the CRC Communications Department For more information, Contact: Mr. Sainey MK Marenah Head of Communications +220248419 4460475 Email:
Let's make a public submission about automatic citizenship for us here in the Gambia! We are urging all Disapourans especially residents to group together as there is strength in numbers and attend the KM Kanifung Municipality at 10 am on the 16th of December. Bla Xit will be attending on that day. For further information please call 002207360680
If you are in the Gambia join us 
Date: Monday 16/12/2019
Time: 10:00 am
Venue: KM Kanifi Municipal
If you can not make it sign this petition.
Write a reason why you think we would have citizenship and it will be forward to CRC or

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