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Blockchain Board of Directors

In insure, the highest level and integrity and transparency will incorporate blockchain technology to run the business. This will allow for multiple decision markets in deciding corporate decisions.

Financial transparency

Financial transaction are recorded across multiple computers in the blockchain change reducing the possibility of fraud and abuse.


Contractual Transparency

Group voting matrix

funding phases

Phase 1 Planning 

Lease a business residential building The Gambia, providing office

space for repatriates also housing a training facility where we

would training on, agriculture, management, and hospitality

create a blueprint for the community. 



Medical Center

Office Space



Education Center

In progress 

Funding Seeking $ 50,000

Raised $10,000

Proj. Yearly Revenue 250 k usd

Phase 2 Planning 

On or around this date we will acquire 180 hectors of land in which

we will build a sustainable modern community. This community will

consist of highly skilled individuals who will create a sustainable

a model that can be duplicated in other areas.



Medical Center

Office Space



Education Center

Green House

Water Park

In progress 

Funding Seeking $ 5,500,000

Raised $100,000 Proj.

Yearly Revenue 15.5 million USD


Ecological Protection - saving plants, animals, farmland, forests, etc. 

Density & Urban Design - reduce the development of low-density housing that often requires developing into farmland and natural habitats

Urban Infill - the re-use of land that has already been urbanized

Village Centers - reduces the need for vehicles because all human necessities are within walking distance of the home and community interaction is encouraged and facilitated 

Local Economy - having businesses within walking distance of jobs encourages the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and brings life to a community 

Sustainable Transport - encouraging alternative transportation like biking and walking reduces emissions and requires less money spent on roads

Affordable Housing - diversity is necessary for building a sustainable community especially by offering different income levels housing 

Livable Community - facilitate community interaction and participation through parks, community barbecue pits, benches, sitting areas, walking/running paths

Sewage & Stormwater - encourages individual composting and miniature constructed wetlands for greywater treatment and large-scale constructed wetlands to control stormwater run-off

Water - encourages use of green roof technology, absorbing roads and parking lots, wetlands, streams, resulting in at least 35% less water consumption in a community

Energy - alternative energy solutions reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which reduces the rapid climate change 

The 3 ‘R’s - reducing the waste produced by construction by encouraging reconstruction and recycling 






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