Purchase land in Sanyang (Plot 1)

Plot 1

Sanyang, Western, Gambia

• Plot Size: 20 x 20 sq. m. (partially fenced)• Sale Price: D125,000

$ 2250 USD

Type: Plot of Land (free hold)
Sold: No
Contract: Sale
Status: Available
Location: Jambur, Western, Gambia


Distance from Beach

5 - 7 miles

Distance from Bla-Xit



Pay full  $ 2250 USD

Make a $500 deposit on your land. Must Remitt full payment in 30 days 

Q & A

1. How do I obtain a visa?

    You can get your visa before or upon your arrival. It will cost you $50 USD.

2. If I want to Live in The Gambia do I Need a Residency Permit?:
The short answer is Yes.

     In order to reside in The Gambia (for working purposes, for example), non-Gambians / expatriates require a employment /      residential  permit for themselves and and an alien's identity card for themselves and each of their dependents who are 18 years of age or more. The residential / employment permit and Aliens ID card needs to be renewed annually.

You must carry both your work / residency permit for Gambia and your Aliens ID Card in case you are asked for these by a member of the Immigration Department or the Police.

There are 3 categories of residential permits and there is a fee payable for each one.

 Type A:
This is for resident purpose only and issued to retired foreign citizens and international students.

 Type B:
This category is used for employment and it is used by citizens of ECOWAS and other foreign nationals who are working in Gambia in skilled employment and companies.
 Type C:
This residential permit is issued to skilled workers and small traders.

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