Step 3 Choose your investment

We are using the Investment-based crowdfunding model as a way to make investing in Africa affordable and a collective undertaking. We have identified the lowest risk and highest yield investments in West Africa. You invest as little or as much as you want until we reach our funding goal. You will receive dividends paid quarterly based on your investment. This will began to take place 90 days after the project is fully funded.

Select one of five projects to invest in. We are using crowdfunding to fund five projects i.e. Brick making machine, Ice Making machine, commercial property, Shuttle business, and Service car.

Brick Making Machine

This machine will be used in the creation of bricks for construction purposed making. 80 percent of the bricks  in West Africa are made by hand using metal molding cast. We will target construction companies and contractors to sell our pre-fabricated bricks.

In progress 

      Funding Seeking $ 5000

         Projected Yearly Revenue 150k USD

Service Car

This vehicle will be used for our members who will be traveling here to the Gambia for relocation and vacations, this car will be used for airport pick up and drop-offs,  local transportation, etc. This vehicle will also generate revenue during the tourist season. 

In progress 

     Funding Seeking $ 5,000

       Projected Yearly Revenue 250k USD

ICE Making Machine

The Gambia is a fishing community, as a result, there is a huge demand for Ice to keep the fish cold. Tons of fish monthly spoils due to the lack of ice for packaging and distribution. We will sell ice at the Tanji fish port via Brusubi location. There is currently one facility offering ice service in Tanji.

In progress 

     Funding Seeking $ 8,000

       Projected Yearly Revenue 150k USD


We are currently investing in Bananas, papayas, and advocates. These crops are resistant to many of the insect and external conditions such as heavy rain, dry weather, etc. 

In progress 

     Funding Seeking $ 10,000

       Projected Yearly Revenue 300k USD

Commercial Building

Lease a commercial/residential building The Gambia, providing office space for repatriates, housing, a training facility, Gym, conference room where we would training on, agriculture, management, and hospitality

create a blueprint for the community. 



     Medical Center

     Office Space



     Education Center

In progress 

     Funding Seeking $ 100,000

       Projected Yearly Revenue 2.5 million USD

Fund Portfolio of Account

You can invest in all five accounts. Your funds will be distributed across all three projects

Funds Raised  $2500
Funds pledged $4000
Funds Raised  $750
Funds pledged $0
Funds Raised  $250
Funds pledged $0
Funds Raised  $300
Funds pledged $0
Funds Raised  $1000
Funds pledged $1600

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