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The Gambia

Land Next Step Process

1) Register your land and directory signature

2) Physical plan

3) Setho and Alkalo signatures on registration document

4) Tax Capital Gains

5) Land Tax

6) Design and pans Architectures of your house.

7) Building and fence permission

8) Review budget and cost for building and materiel. Time Frame and logistics. *Purchase iron, rods, cement and sand and stones

Actual Cost

a. Brikama Area counsel transfer fee           7000

b. Sketch plan and approval DPPH odd       4000

c. Registration fee                                             1000

d. Land rates and taxes per pa                        150

e. Capital Gains is 5%     


f. Seyfois stamp and signature                         2000

g. Signature of C.E.O.                                          500

h. G.R.A. with negotiations 5%                        

l. Facilitation fee                                                   5000

Total cost minus e. capital gains h. G.R.A.             16,060

We will assist in the next he next step process for a flat fee of D5000. Call Juliet at this number to begin the process +23231669354 Whats app.

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