We are seeking sponsorship for our Channel. That entails our Channel including your branding and of course us stating who our sponsors are in every video at the beginning and end. There are different levels of sponsorship low medium and high.


the low-cost package is one episode with a branded logo on screen at the beginning and at the end with contact info in the description only and mentions at the beginning and end costs -£50.00



Medium package contains 5 programs with Branded Logo stating sponsored by your company or brand or service continuously on the screen. Information about contacting your company in the outro credits and contact information in the description - £150.00



High-Cost package contains 3 months of continuous advertising on-screen including endorsements and branded Logos are worn on a T-shirt for one program featuring program content based on your product or service presented by Juliet Ryan.Outro contact information and description and in the pinned comment. £500.00

      I hope this helps. If you require any further information please let me know.

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